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“Perfect the kata, be perfected by the kata” –Minoru Imai

Techniques born from kata taking into account body type differences and the possibility of multiple opponents or the presence of weapons

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Minoru Imai, the shihan of Shorinji-ryu Karate-do Renshinkan who has attracted attention for his whip-smart teaching style, presents a his budo karate, a karate that can help you defend yourself from street violence, in an easy-to-understand training format.

See plenty of examples that explain how, using kei-ryoku, the power generated from the feet grabbing the floor learned from the kata, you can handle the opponent, break their balance and immobilize them.

In this video, through the understanding and practice of a karate that is not for tournaments and competition but for defending yourself, you will learn methods of using kata movements and tips on how to build a lifelong physical and mental training regime.

Instruction, editorial supervision: Minoru Imai
Shorinji-ryu Karate-do Renshi 5th dan. In the 10 years he was active in competition he was known for his ability to deal with any attack from a natural posture and for always scoring full points; he was regarded by his peers as an ideal kumite fighter.
Lately, he has been working hard to spread his art through his Imai Dojo in Yokohama, a popular dojo where everyone, young or old can learn at their own pace.

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