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The deep and fundermental secret know how of Iai (Never opened before)
Understand the meanings of "Pull out Katana" and "Keep Katana in the seath” to notice the importance to learn Iai.

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Only after understanding the meaning of “do not pull out Katana” one can understand the meaning of “pull out Katana”. Master Akira HINO explains how to practice to learn those important concept that can never be understood by simply continuing the physical practice of pulling out Katana. By communicating your consciousness to the opponent without pulling out Katana, you can let the opponent pulled out Katana or not. On the contrary, you pull out Katana to cut the opponent while you hide your intention to pull out Katana so that the opponent never notices it. Master Akira HINO introduces the practicing method to master the proper body operation in Iai based on those concepts.

Akira HINO
Born in 1948. In the year 90′ he established HINO Budo Institute to study what Budo is and to seek for the proper practicing methods of Budo. Since 2005, he has interacted with the world-famous choreographer William Forsythe and started teaching dancers. Currently, he is conducting martial arts workshops in Japan mostly in Tokyo and Osaka, and overseas based in France. In addition, a seminar for health care workers, named “Meikyou Juku,” he has been organizing. He also has published many books and DVDs.

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