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New Panic Dealing Method Against Biting, Scratching, Grabbing Hairs etc.
Received High Assessment from Caregiving Organizations,
Schools for dsabled children and Overseas Research Institutes

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Utilizing Budo’s techniques, this new panic dealing method,named as Supporting Caregiving Method,is newly developped. Appling original body operation techniques of this method, a caregiving can be realized where both caregiver and care receipient become free from injury during panic dealing practice. The developper master Doshin HIROKI explains it in an easy-to-understand manner.The contents can be used as the solutions to the urgent and serious problems that many care workers encounter during their daily practice.

1) What is Supporting Caregiving Method ?
2) The Importance of Keeping Free from Injury for Yourself and the Opponent
3) The Know How to Use Body Operation
4) Go-do Posturing by Which You can Communicate Your Intention “Stop!” to the Opponent
5) Case Study for Panic Dealing
6) Cultivate to Calm One’s Mind
7) Aim to Realize Coexisting Society

Supervised and instructed by Doshin HIROKI, Certified Care Worker, Souke of Go-do
Taking advantages of dealing with panics caused by his son with disability, he has developped a new caregiving method based on his experience and knowledge as a Budo master. His new caregiving method has received a high assessment from caregiving organizations and schools in whole Japan because of its special feature that both caregiver and care receipient will not injured nor get pain during panic dealing action. His activity was intoroduced in NHK International Broadcasting program and since then it has been receiving a keen attention from overseas reasearch institutes, such as an academic paper about his method was submitted by an university in Italy.
Ilustration drawn by Ouga HIROKI, son of master HIROKI,titled “My Dad and O-Chan”.

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