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An in-depth look at martial arts’ supernatural techniques!
Understand the common points and structure of expert-level techniques
and use them in real-life situations!

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“A small, elderly man throws a strong man to the ground with ease.”

“Movements are casual but they unleash mighty power that blows away the opponent.”

“Even a young and virile opponent who attacks with all his strength cannot reach him”

The “supernatural techniques” of martial arts and martial artists surprise viewers with their unexpected results. Within these movements there are common points; there are no mysteries but skillful technical structure.

In this video, Doshin Hiroki, founder of Godo provides a thorough explanation of this theory and practice.

Main points:

1) Me: relaxing, breathing, integration, extension
2) Opponent: center of gravity manipulation, breathing, use of unconscious muscle movements, consciousness guidance

Through these points you can learn how to modify your and your opponent’s physical and mental state.

In addition, by changing the “brain waves” that we are not usually aware of, Hiroki sensei explains in detailed and practical way the “supernatural techniques” of martial arts and martial artists.

Transcending styles and schools, this pioneering video thoroughly elucidates the common principles and methods of the masters of martial arts.

Instruction, editorial supervision: Doshin Hiroki
Head of International Godo Federation
Born in 1972, he studied Ashihara Karate, iai, kenjutsu, Chinese martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other martial and fighting systems. His chance encounter with Motobu Udundi’s Seikichi Uehara, led him to even more diligent study and to the founding, in 2000, of “Shogo Bujutsu Taizendo”. In 2008, and developing a new philosophy of self-defense based on his experience of raising his mentally disabled son, he founded “Godo”. Currently, he teaches martial arts as well as applied assistance methods at welfare facilities.

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