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Conformity between Natural Laws and Body
Traditional martial arts (Ko Bujutsu) techniques to eliminate conflict
by connecting yourself with the earth

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Viewing time46 min.

Budo of KANNAGRA,i.e.following to God’s will without adding any human intervention,which eliminate conflict
Fuso-kai(former Tokyo Keiko Kai) is gaining popularity for its easy-to-understand explanation videos of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu.
In this DVD, the representative master Yoshimi ISHIZUKA briefly explains the tips of Daito-ryu, which is full of awareness, with the theme of “movements that align the body with the natural laws”.

The way of thinking how to connect yourself with the earth
The way of thinking how to avoid conflict
The way of thinking to connect yourself to the opponent … close contact
Integrating the five movements…perfecting the Yawara’s power

Instructed/supervised by Yoshimi ISHIZUKA, the representative of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Fuso-kai,4th Dan of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Takuma-kai He actively releases information in videos about the spread of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu and research on physical manipulation of Ko Bujutsu,i.e. traditional martial arts. He also organizes Keiko Kai,i.e.practice meeting in Tokyo and is working very actively to study,teach and spread Daito-ryu as an “ancient way of thinking (wisdom)”.
Instruction cooperator◎Do ISHIZUKA, Akira OGAWARA, Mikako YOSHIDA, Kazuhisa TENJIN
Video taking cooperator◎ Shinto Fuso Kyo Daikyo Office

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