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Amazing Tri-Pod-Method (TPM) with Gravity on your side
Learn how to make a strong and explosive posture using this TPM.

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“Body that won’t lose for intense body clash”
It is indispensable for soccer and rugby etc..
“Hitting” to transmit proper power instantly to the target

It is quite important for baseball, golf and tennis etc. At first glance those two are different but those two abilities are actually based on the same power.

This “Tri-Pod-Method” is the martial arts derived exercise with the theme of training those two abilities and this is the first time to be opened to public.

Tripod means “three legs” which consists of two soles of the foot that catch the ground one contact point with the target (opponent or ball etc.) You can attain the “rubber ball (balance) power” created by the optimum contact of the above three points. This rubber ball power can be the source to create “strong” and “powerful” movement.

Because it focuses on pair training
・ “It is easy to be aware of the condition of inside the body” which is difficult to be understood by practising alone.
・ “You can objectively confirm the correctness of the exercise”
Those two are the big features of this training method.

With the “wisdom about the body” that martial arts have developed over many years, you will acquire “physical body strength” that is not affected by muscles and reflexes.

The above points are the overall theme of this video, so it is recommended for all the practioners not only martial arts but also general sports.

Instructed and supervised Master Oujiro MATSUI
He was born in 1972. When he was a student of Waseda university, he served as the deputy leader of the Nippon Kempo Club. After graduating, he became a disciple of Michio SHIMADA Shihan, representative of the Taiki Shisei Kenpo Kikou-kai, and made many high-ranking achievements such as winning the Sanda tournament. In 2016, under the order of SHIMADA Shihan, he became independent and established Taiki Shisei Kempo Buzen-kai, and is making efforts to popularize Taiki Ken mainly in Sapporo city.

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