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Practical instruction used by FBI, CIA
World-renowned martial arts with 500,000 students worldwide

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The Bujinkan Budo of the world’s most famous ninja, master Masaaki Hatsumi, is a practical, comprehensive martial art that trains all the techniques of striking, kicking, throwing, and mastery.

In this two-volume DVD series, Bujinkan Daishihan Norio Sakasai carefully explains the Bujinkan Budo system and numerous techniques.

Volume I focuses on the striking techniques of Japanese koryu martial arts, including the important basic kata of striking, Sanshin no kata, and an original striking method, Koshi Sanpo, as well as the profoundly varied uke techniques and daken, a fusion of uke and striking.

■Introduction… Bujinkan Budo is…
■Kamae(Stance)…Basic Stance and its Meaning
■Uke(Receive)…Concepts of surface, line, and point
■Daken…aggressive receiving techniques
■Tuki(Thrust)…from centerline to attack line
■Syouda(Palm strike)…matching the thrusting arm with the lower body
■Sanshin no kata…Important basic types of strikes
■Kihonhappo Kata ①…Koshi Sanpo (original striking techniques)

Master of Instruction
Norio Sakasai
・18th Iemoto of Hontai Takagiyoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu
・16th Iemoto of Gikkan Ryu Koppojutsu
・Bujinkan Mutodori Menkyo holder
・Bujinkan Daishihan

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