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Cross based movement
Using the Centerline
Core principles that go beyond styles

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Refining the use of the body structure (internal) through the movement of weapon techniques.

In this era, I know only a few people who I feel possess genuine skill. Now, as I reach the 20th anniversary of establishing my school, I want to present some of my training methods and thoughts to the younger generation, hoping they can grasp what it truly means to mine the depths of Japanese Bujutsu (Aunkai, Minoru Akuzawa).

■ What does Internals Mean?
■ How to train Internals and Naido
■ Control of Space
■ Examples of Controlling Strikes
■ Evolution and Transformation into Bujutsu

Supervision and Guidance by: Minoru Akuzawa
Having started in Chinese martial arts in his late teens, he also represnted Japan in the early international Sanda competitions. It was during this time that he realized the importance of focsing on basics in martial arts and began practicing traditional Japanese martial arts and training methods. In 2003, he founded Aunkai. He also conducts seminars annually in Europe and other overseas locations.

In Cooperation with: Kazuhisa Miyakawa, Robert John, Gernot Hassenpflug, Michael Mahoney, Eisei Miyakawa, Akimasa Miyakawa

Cooperation by: Kyoko Kitamura

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