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Bujutsu Based on the System Handed Down in a Family for Generations
The Ultimate Thrust Techniques That the Impact Penetrates into the Body

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Master Hiroki AMEMIYA has attracted an attention of a lot of martial artists by introducing his family traditional Bujutsu to general martial artists. In this DVD he explains his hitting techniques which drew the strongest attention among his techniques. He instructs the know how and important points of that hitting techniques based on the concept of “the impact pierces through armour”.

Four Main Principles of the Techniques … the Most Important Teaching
Piercing Through Armour … Atemi,Thrust Which Creates Penetrating Impact
Tsuki,Thrust … Atemi with Fist
How to Hit Atemi … Use it as a Combined Hitting Techniques

Edited and Supervised by Hiroki AMEMIYA. Master AMEMIYA was born in 1980. In 2003 He has inherited a Taijutsu which had been handed down in his family. Based on that Family tradition Bujutsu,in 2010 he established Keibu Ryu Aiki Taijutsu adding it several Bujutsu he had learned in parallel. He is attracting attention in martial arts society as a young and energestic martial artist who shows and explains power and effect beyond imagination,which was triggered by the release of the video that showed the exchange of techniques with general martial arts fighters.

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