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Demonstration by Shuji Nakamura 2nd Soke of Takeda-Ryu Nakamura-Ha

Seven disciplines are taught inside the Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha Sobudo. These disciplines are Aikido, Jukenpo, Iaidō, Jōdō, Shugijutsu, Tachikendo and Shurikenjutsu.
Techniques are divided in kihon waza (basic techniques), henka waza (variations) and koryū waza (old techniques). The school uses competitions (shiai) and randori as a way of teaching, it is the only way to be close to the true fighting situation. In aikido, the shiai and the randori exist in two different forms. The first one is called sogo and the second tori waza.
In Japanese, sogo means integrated. In this form of practice, opponents wear a leather glove (uchi kote) on ONE hand and hit freely with that hand. They are also allowed to throw and to lock. The tori waza is a technical match where opponents take alternatively the role of uke and tori.

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